Why is it called “La GRIFFE by art square”?

In French, a griffe can be somebody’s hallmark – the stamp they set on their work. The “GRIFFE” we mean here is mainly the artists’. It’s our way of paying tribute to their know-how. And “by Art Square” is the quality label we add to show that the items on offer come from rigorously selected artisans and creators.

Why create a platform like La Griffe?

La GRIFFE by Art Square is a showcase. It provides carefully chosen craftspeople with a state-of-the-art tool for promoting their talents, together with a simple, accessible online shop. La GRIFFE gives them higher visibility and fosters the relationship between artisans and their clients.

Why buy on La Griffe?

On La GRIFFE, the artisans each have their own virtual online shop, with a video showing their skills, together with a presentation of the items they are offering for sale.

For the purchaser, buying online has two major advantages. Payment is entirely secure and, in addition to confirmation of purchase, the item bought is authenticated: a certificate of authenticity from the maker and an invoice in due form are provided for every purchase over 250 euros.

Can I resell or transfer the artefact I’ve bought?

Of course, you are always entitled to resell or transfer an artefact that you have acquired on La Griffe. Indeed, the Certificate of Authenticity will enable you to authenticate and value your investment. And through our “Art Square” services, you can be put in touch with other art-lovers, investors, collectors, antique dealers or art galleries…

What are the delivery terms for the artefacts or services purchased?

Each artisan personally manages his/her own online shop on La Griffe. So you will need to check the delivery terms of the supplier concerned. They are available in the artisan’s profile.