La Griffe – showcasing the top creators

“They are suppliers to the Court, the Pope, the jet set, collectors or simply to those who love beautiful objects … They are creators at the height of their art and the peak of their talent – and yet they stay out of the limelight.”

Shining a light on these crafters of luxury and creators of genius is what “La GRIFFE by art square” sets out to do.

On its platform, La GRIFFE offers you a unique experience – you can share the intimacy of their workshops and discover their creative universe.

Stylists, jewellers, upholsterers, gilders, leatherworkers, watchmakers, sculptors, painters, vintners… Whatever their art may be, they have all been selected for their passion and their love of a job well done.

La GRIFFE by art square offers works by artisans and artists who are second to none. La Griffe also gives you the opportunity to discover very promising young talent.

Why La Griffe by Art Square?

  • Unearth some unique creations – the fruits of exclusive savoir-faire.
  • Invest in the work of contemporary artists.
  • Find the skills needed to restore your furniture, pictures, jewellery and precious objects.
  • Get directly in touch with the craftspeople.
  • Purchase with complete confidence, thanks to certificates guaranteeing the works’ authenticity.